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IMPACT: The Magazine of the UCF Foundation

Winter 2021 | Issue 1, Volume 5

Every gift creates an impact!
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Fiscal year 2021 was bookended by two transformative events. In July 2020, the beginning of the fiscal year, we were still managing the transformational effects of the global pandemic, then only four-months strong.

Although students had the option of returning to campus in August 2020 with strict COVID protocols in place, most of the activities that are a hallmark of the college experience did not return until many months later. True to form, Knights charged on despite challenges and UCF's donors didn't flag in their generosity in tackling some of the pandemic-related obstacles facing students, faculty and staff. 

In June 2021, at the end of the fiscal year, UCF received a transformative gift of $40 million from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett -- the largest the university has ever received. The investment validated the work UCF does to foster student success and mobility and its impact will be felt for decades.

In this issue of IMPACT, which also includes the 2021 Annual Report, we highlight a handful of the 38,427 donors whose gifts made a difference this fiscal year.

We are thankful for the support of UCF's friends, alumni, corporate partners and employees whose generosity creates an impact that can only be rivaled by our dreams of what we can achieve together.

Previous issues of IMPACT may be accessed here: https://issuu.com/ucffoundation/docs


Powering the Future

We believe that philanthropy, like education, has the power to change lives. We know you have choices in your charitable giving, and through the work we do together, we hope to give you every reason to choose UCF.