Who gives to UCF? Our donors are your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Some are graduates of UCF, while others are friends who believe great things are possible when a nationally-recognized university is a member of the community. Some of our donors have given millions, while others write a $50 check every year. Our donors are people just like you. Why not become one and give today?


Harris Rosen

"It is important to find someone who needs a helping hand and extend one to them. Life is not complete unless you balance your enthusiasm to be successful with enthusiasm to give back to others." Rosen is a philanthropist, longtime UCF donor and namesake of UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

Bryan Zugelder ’98

"I see a lot of student teachers who have a part-time job, two part-time jobs, struggling to put themselves through school. I know [my donation] isn’t going to keep a student from having to work at all, but if someone can benefit from this little chunk of money then I’ve done something to help." Zugelder is a planned giving donor, supporting scholarships for student teachers.

Lauren Murphy ’12

"I received a quality education that prepared me for the real world and I graduated without debt. I could not have done any of this without the donors who believe in UCF’s vision. Now I am proud to stand with them." Murphy is a President’s Circle donor, supporting student scholarships.

Rebecca Matos

"I give to UCF because I’m a student and staff member. UCF has given me wings to fly and it’s just a great place to be." Matos is a UCF staff member, supporting the annual Faculty and Staff Campaign.