UCF Foundation Policies

Additional policies will be posted here when available.



(7.00) Mobile Device Policy

(7.01) Purchases of $75,000 or Greater Policy

(7.02) Loans to Directors, Officers and Employees Policy

(7.03) Accounting for Pledges in the Financial Accounting System

(7.04) Gift-in-Kind Acceptance Policy

(7.05) Real Estate Policy

(7.06) New Project and Project Authorizer Policy

(7.07) General Spending Guidelines from Foundation Accounts

(7.08) Student Scholarship Award Processing Policy

(7.09) Spending on Endowment Policy

(7.10) Accounting Guidelines Policy

(7.11) Business Manager Responsibilities

(7.12) Club Membership Policy

(7.13) Endowment Policy

(7.14) Entertainment and Ticket Certification Policy

(7.15) Financial Risk Management Policy

(7.16) Gift Acceptance Policy for Securities

(7.17) Investment Policy

(7.18) Salary Supplements Payment Policy

(7.19) Written Acknowledgement Policy

(7.20) Advertising, Royalty and Other Misc Income

(7.21) Budget Development and Approval Policy

(7.22) Changes to a Foundation Project 

(7.23) Conflicts of Interest in Authorizing Expenditures Policy

(7.24) Disposition of Securities

(7.25) Fringe Benefit Reporting

(7.26) Fundraising Events Advertising, Trade Shows, Conferences and Exclusive Arrangements Guidelines

(7.27) Fundraising Events Publicity and Printed Materials

(7.28) Fundraising Events Risk Management Policy

(7.29) Fundraising Events Sponsorship Guidelines

(7.30) License Plate Funds

(7.31) Management and Spending of Unrestricted Contributions

(7.32) Meals for Business Meetings and Banquet Reception Events Policy

(7.33) Outside Revenue from Work Performed (assignment of Income) Policy

(7.34) Travel Reimbursement Policy

(7.35) W-9 Distribution/Society Security Number Collection Policy