UCF Faculty & Staff Campaign

Why We Give

There are at least as many reasons to give to the UCF Faculty and Staff Campaign, as there are faculty and staff members at our remarkable institution. So, how will you Lead the Charge?


“The support I received through a scholarship enabled me to continue my studies. Although I’m the one who’s been learning how to save lives, it’s the scholarship that’s enabled me to make something of mine.”

Eliany Torres Pon, Nursing Student

Eliany Torres Pon
David Benjamin

“I support the Believe Campaign because of its direct impact on the lives of our young students. I think today that is more important than ever.”

David Benjamin, Head of Special Collections and University Archives, UCF Libraries


“Thank you for donating and giving me the opportunity to be enrolled here and get an education for myself. Thank you for my future and the opportunity I will have to make an impact on the world someday.”

Stanley Pierre, Health Sciences/Pre-Clinical Student, Homecoming King

Stanley Pierre
Angeline Bushy

“I support the Believe Campaign because nursing is a passion of mine, and I believe that my support can make a difference in one student’s life.”

Angeline Bushy, PhD, Professor, Bert Fish Eminent Scholar, Endowed Chair in Nursing, College of Nursing - UCF Daytona Campus


“I support the Believe Campaign because I think it shows the students that we care about them, even more so than teaching. It’s good to see the students being able to enjoy their time here, rather than having to struggle and think about how am I going get this text book? How I am going to afford this class?”

Rick Florsheim, Instructor, Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Rick Florsheim
Pretema Dharampaul

“As a first-generation student, I’m so fortunate to have an opportunity to come to college. I give because I’m a student who uses those resources, and if I didn’t pay it forward, I know there’s another student out there like me that wouldn’t be able to come to college.”

Pretema Dharampaul, Statistics Student


Giving Matters

UCF is at the forefront of an "insurgency in higher education," says the Washington Post, creating opportunity on a grand scale. Together, we can change the lives of generations of promising students — and the future of our region and our world.